relaxation for women in snowdonia

Image of your massage therapist Gail

fully qualified masseur

in Swedish massage + indian head massage

Gail Edgley holds fully certificated diplomas
in Swedish Massage & Indian Head Massage.

She is also a practising RCSLT voice therapist for NHS and holds a Mountain Leader award (summer).

guided relaxation

Enter a peaceful state, guided in a relaxation of your choice. Rest back letting tensions drop away as gentle words wash over you. Be soothed by a soft, female voice..... More

indian head massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage of head + neck, shoulders and upper back in this ancient technique. Let your busy mind fall into stillness while you float in a state of just being... More

stress relief

relaxation & massage

time you dream of

Treat yourself to a massage/relaxation of your choice.

Find stress solutions in peaceful, natural surroundings.

Feel the health benefits to body, mind & spirit.


walking in nature

also on offer to women

walk around the 'lake of echos'

off the beaten track, crystal lakes, lovely views, rugged tracks, relaxed moments in another world

rhinog circuit

an enchanted glade, a rocky track, a mountain lake, a wild landscape + plenty of scope to unwind  More...

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